Texting with clients
What program/company do you use for texting with clients?   Any specific recommendations or companies to keep away from?

Thanks in advance!
We use AllyDVM and really like it. The only thing that it doesn’t do that I wish it did was have 2 way communication. The flow of info from our PMS to their platform is great, but the info doesn’t go from their platform to our PMS. Anything discussed gets copied and pasted into the patient record.
We use Rapport, I think it depends on your software as well which may work better for you. We have Avimark and AllyDVM looks great but doesn't integrate and would cause more work for staff so we opted to go with Rapport. Also a birdie told me that Covetrus is going to be updating the Rapport system to work better. It's a bit dated but gets the job done!
Hello all, We currently use ZipWhip and love the ease of it.  Currently reviewing PetDesk.  I would love it if it was integrated with our software.