Governor Abbott's Announcement
Hello all,
After Abbott’s announcement today, we were wondering if anyone was planning on making changes to their curbside protocols. Is anyone going to/already are allowing clients in the building? Are you limiting the number of clients in your clinic? We’d like to stay closed but don’t know how long we can hold out now.
Dana Wile
Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital

Our procedures will not change - we will remain curbside (although we do allow clients to use the restroom). We are on track to have our staff vaccinated (at least with first dose) before the end of March. As of now, our plan will be to keep doors locked until staff is fully vaccinated. Curbside will then become an option that will always remain. 
We would love to get our staff vaccinated, but are not allowed to be a part of the 1B group.  How'd you do that, Terry??

We will remain curbside except for euthanasia and the occasional restroom requests. We are still not seeing new clients and are keeping busy with the ones we already have since we have a reduced staff.

Carl @ NWPH in Georgetown
No change, curbside only with facemasks. We will watch the case numbers and vaccine numbers, then make a decision later.